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No problem: All the cash-in-hand customers you can possibly handle are right outside your front door. You just need a way to "connect" with them...

And now you can - with your own Mobile Marketing Platform.

And... since you're dealing directly with the developer, there are no middlemen, dealers, resellers or markups. So you get the complete mobile marketing platform including custom branded Android & iPhone Mobile Apps... Mobile-Friendly Website... Plus, Unlimited Text Messaging... starting at less than $1.94 a day.

IMPORTANT: If you are a franchise, multi-unit, or multi-concept... don't make the mistake so many others have made of getting an "off-the-shelf" app that fails in the multi-unit universe. We'll explain the critical differences.

Anyway, here's what you get...


Reach "Spenders" Today.

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While your competitors continue wasting money on expensive ads in extinct advertising channels like the Yellow Pages, Newspapers and Coupon Books...

You can reach customers - instantly at the push of a button... any time you want... anywhere they are... with the absolute GUARANTEE that YOUR message has their FULL attention...

FACT: 91% of Americans keep their cell phone within three feet of them 24/7

FACT: Time spent in mobile apps now exceeds desktop and mobile web consumption.

FACT: 97% of mobile messages get looked at - many within five seconds... most within one hour!

So now you can reach customers - instantly at the push of a button... any time you want...anywhere they are... with the absolute GUARANTEE that YOUR message has their FULL attention... Case Study

Gina Hembree Blu Water Fish Market

Friday's were a little slow since the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo kicked off... so we decided to combat that by featuring a Fish Fry Friday Special. We pushed a message out in the morning to 532 customers.

Sales almost doubled over the previous Friday. It was a little scary how busy we got. Partly because we just weren't expecting it.

That means that one single promotion will pay for our mobile marketing for the next 4 years!

Regina Hembree

BETTER YET: Messages spread like wildfire because customers start sharing with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

It's easy too. Simply open your app manager from any internet connection, and push out an offer (easy as sending an email). Then watch as a steady stream of customers starts rolling through your doors... sometimes within minutes.

And unlike other programs that force you to send the same message to everybody, our system lets you target an individual customer or customer groups with unique and relevant messages. So, customers receive personalized messages when they are most likely to buy. This means more sales, more visits, and more income for you.

But we don't stop there. Our "set it and forget it" Mobile Messaging Suite also lets you set up messages that are "automatically" delivered to customers based on their unique behavior, birthdays, holidays and special events. These messages are set up once and you never have to touch them again.

Mobile App Gallery.



Don't Miss The "Moment" Of Decision.

Mobile apps allow you to reach CUSTOMERS anytime you need to... But what about when customers are looking for YOU?

A "mobile-friendly" website is a must-have for your business...

And here's why this is so important...

In your area... this very minute, cash-in-hand consumers are thumbing through smartphones... looking for places to spend money. It's the new "yellow pages.

"It's not that they don't remember you... you're simply not "top of mind" in that moment... so they "search." And, when they do... mobile-friendly websites show up first.   

Here are the facts:

• Mobile search grew 400% in 2011
• Mobile search is growing 800% faster than desktop in the 90s
• 50% of all local search is on a mobile device
• 51% of all local search is for a restaurant
• 70% of local search results in a visit

Google and other search engines give priority search rankings to "mobile-friendly" websites. So, if your website was not built specifically for mobile, you're missing all of that traffic... everyday. See the difference here

Our mobile websites are compatible with thousands of devices so customers can find you anytime, anywhere. Check out a few mobile website examples in our Mobile Website Gallery.



You're In Control

Save time and money by eliminating graphic designers and programmers. Your "Mobile Command Center" is a powerful online tool that puts YOU in the driver's seat. You'll never have to wait to make changes to your mobile apps or website. You'll never have to spend a penny for updates. And you'll never have to depend on someone to deliver your mobile text messages.


Mobile Messaging Suite

Drive Spenders to Your Business Today: Send unlimited messages and offers directly to those who are ready to spend money with you... your own customers. And at a tiny fraction of what a single "do-nothing" ad costs. Case Study

Gina Hembree Claudia's

Being a new business, things are almost overwhelming at times. From trying to control food cost to managing my labor, everything seems to be a challenge.

With that being said, I am completely blown away with how EASY it was to launch my first ever mobile message.

We were in our third week and finally decided to give it a try by offering a free Beto's Chips and Salsa with the purchase of any Combo package. We went to the website, logged in, and WOW... was this easy!

In less than 2 minutes, we have our offer created and while sitting there, the text message immediately came through on my phone!!!

We sold 26 Combo packages before closing that day.

Claudia Oakley

You're in control and it couldn't be easier.

You can:

• Send offers today that generate extra cash today (easy as sending an email)
• Update your apps and mobile website simultaneously, without any double work
• Change prices, content, menu items, calendar events, deals, store information, and more...
   with zero programming experience
• Track the performance of marketing campaigns and see what messages are driving
   the most traffic to your business

Mojo Mobile Marketing is the trusted, easy to use, all-in-one mobile marketing system that drives spend-ready customers through your doors - and allows you to generate "extra" sales any time you like at the push of a button.


Your Complete Mobile Marketing Platform Includes:



Location-Based (GPS) "Check-In" System: Customers "check-in" to earn rewards. They can also post check-ins on Facebook, Foursquare or Twitter.


Loyalty Integration: Integrates with the Repeat Returns Loyalty program. Customers enjoy account information, rewards and built-in "virtual" loyalty card.


Accept reservations via email or integrate your Open Table restaurant reservation system into your mobile app.


Mobile Friendly Ordering:
Integrates with High Speed Waiter online ordering platform so customers can place orders right from their phone.


GPS Turn-By-Turn Directions:
Give your customers turn-by-turn GPS directions to your business from anywhere in the world.


Events Calendar:
Keep events and promotions "top of mind" with customers. They can also invite friends with "one touch" sharing.


Media Gallery:
Upload hiresolution photos and videos that showcase your business, provide personal messages or a virtual tour.


One Touch Calling:
Give your customers one touch calling from inside your app. No numbers to save or remember.


Mobile App Manager™: Manage, update and launch offers anytime. 24/7 access to the Rapid Report Center gives you minute-by-minute reports on downloads, views, shares, redemptions and more.


Interactive Showcase: Customers can view your products or menu right from their mobile phone complete with gorgeous full color photos and hi-definition videos.


Mobile Deals & Offers: Surprise and delight by pushing offers right to customers' phones. Give's them a great reason to stop in and spend money. Includes: One-Touch Sharing.


Push Publisher:
Use our automatic delivery system - send messages "on demand" - or use both for maximum results. This patent pending system ensures you get the right message to the right customer on the right day.


Facebook Integration:
Incorporate your Facebook page into your mobile app to stay connected with customers and gain new "likes". You can also link your Facebook page to your mobile website.


Twitter Integration:
Incorporate your Twitter page into your mobile app to stay connected with customers and gain new followers. You can also link your Twitter page to your mobile website.


Foursquare Integration:
Customers can synch check-in's at your business with their Foursquare account, without ever leaving your app. They can also leave tips and share content such as menu items, deals and more.


One-Touch "Easy Share:
Customers can easily share your app, menu items, deals, pictures, videos, check-ins and more with one touch of a button. Sharing options include Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Email and SMS Text.


Multi-Unit Location Finder:
Allow customers to find your nearest location in seconds. Stores are instantly listed by closest location, or push a button and see locations on a map. Also find turn-by-turn directions and store information such as hours, address, and phone number.


Mobile Website Redirect:
We provide your webmaster with a piece of code that will automatically detect visitors coming from a mobile device and direct them to your mobile optimized website...providing a seamless experience for your customers.


Custom Branding :
Your mobile apps and mobile website are personally branded with your logo, colors and unique images. No co-branding, no competitors and no 3rd party advertising. It's all yours.


Google Analytics for Mobile Website:
Integrate Google Analytics to mobile website and get detailed stats about visitors to your site. Learn how people found you, how they explored your site, and how you can enhance their experience.


Mobile Website:
Get a mobile optimized website, viewable on 100's of mobile devices, that your current "desktop" website can automatically redirect to.


Android App:
Get a native Android app uploaded to Google Play (formerly Android Market).


iPhone App:
Get a native iPhone app uploaded to the iTunes App Store.


Multiple Points of Contact:
Give customers several ways to reach you - address, directions to your business, phone, website and email.



Instant Incentives (Patent Pending):
Motivate customers to take action by receiving instant gratification. Set unlimited incentives such as deals, or bonus points in your rewards program, for any action you want to promote within your app.


Flexible Multi-Unit Programs:
Our multi-unit "Flex" program can accommodate anything from franchises and multiple concepts to coalition organizations... all within a single app and mobile website.



These are just some of the powerful features included in your mobile marketing platform. Other features include social media integration with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, one-touch sharing, multi-unit location finder, a robust incentives engine, and much more.

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Discover why merchants nationwide are turning to Mojo Mobile Marketing to claim their mobile real estate.

And it's easy to see why. We designed, built and priced it right for small & medium sized business owners. And Mojo is the perfect fit for any franchise or multi-unit concept. Remember... we sell direct to you with no reseller markups. That means you get the best price and you deal directly with the developer, not a middleman.

Your Mojo Mobile Marketing Platform is simple to understand and easy to use.

So Here’s The Deal... and It’s a Good One.

Get the entire Traffic Driver Pro mobile marketing package including:

• iPhone Mobile App
• Android Mobile App
• Mobile Website
• Mobile Control Center
• Mobile Messaging Suite- (send unlimited messages)

For a tiny fraction of what you'd spend on a single ad or coupon. Simply click or call 888-794-6512 to learn more.


Includes full color print-ready materials to promote your mobile app.