"We have over 30 locations with several owner operators. We searched everywhere for a mobile marketing program that was flexible enough to support our needs.without costing a fortune. Mojo has given us everything we wanted and more. We now have a beautiful mobile app that our customers LOVE and our owner operators get to manage their own campaigns on the fly and without any hassle."

Keith Davis
Fish Place Restaurants


"Being a new business, things are almost overwhelming at times. From trying to control food cost to managing my labor, everything seems to be a challenge.

With that being said, I am completely blown away with how EASY it was to launch my first ever mobile message.

We were in our third week and finally decided to give it a try by offering a free Beto's Chips and Salsa with the purchase of any Combo package. We went to the website, logged in, and WOW... was this easy!
In less than 2 minutes, we have our offer created and while sitting there, the text message immediately came through on my phone!!!

We sold 26 Combo packages before closing that day."

Claudia Oakley


"Friday's were a little slow since the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo kicked off... so we decided to combat that by featuring a Fish Fry Friday Special. We pushed a message out in the morning to 532 customers. Sales almost doubled over the previous Friday. It was a little scary how busy we got. Partly because we just weren't expecting it. That means that one single promotion will pay for our mobile marketing for the next 4 years!"

Regina Hembree
Blu Water Restaurant



Case Studies

Independent Pizzeria
Atlanta, GA

In 60 days 1396 people downloaded their app to see menu items, check out the latest offers, or order online! This lead to 444 “check-ins” and content being shared through social networks 181 times.


Hair Salon and Spa
Miller Place, NY

307 clients downloaded their app in 90 days and opened it 1334 times in the same period to view products, see new offers, or schedule appointments.


Fast Casual Restaurant
Dallas, TX

Over a 45 day period, 571 people downloaded their app. During that same period, 247 people “checked-in” at least once and their app was opened 3109 times to place orders and check out new offers!


Quick Serve Restaurant
Houston, TX

Increased loyalty program membership by 44% in 30 days by incenting customers to enroll through their mobile app.


Pet Store
Roseville, CA

Customers opened their app 2196 times in 3 months to see products, find the latest deals and see future promotions. 67% of customers who downloaded their app also signed up for their loyalty program.