Monty Lockyear started his career at 19 when he secured financing and purchased a self-storage business. At the same time, he started a campus clothing venture to help pay his way through college. 9 years later he was the head of sales, marketing and customer service for a $300 million distribution company. He eventually served as the Chief Marketing Officer for a national payment services provider before launching his own software and product marketing companies.
Joe Gratz cut his teeth developing one of the first online ordering platforms for restaurants in 2002. The platform, licensed and sold under different names, became an instant hit because of its user-friendly design. Joe has provided application programming, database architecture and software consulting for a wide range of companies including Fortune 500 powerhouses, Intrawest Resorts and Disney.
Kamron Karington began his marketing career pulling advertising banners behind his airplane at the age of 24. Then... one evening, while making a phone call to get tickets to the Rolling Stones - he ended up buying a run-down pizza restaurant. (Huh?) Over the next three years he increased sales from $150,000 to a stunning $1.6 million a year. He is the author of "Gun to the Head Marketing" ( which details his amazing success story.